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Let Blooming Baby Photography Capture Your Baby's First Year of Milestones
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Residents of Danbury, TX 77534 let our artistically talented professional photographer's Robin Maxwell and Julie Tyree capture all of your baby's important milestones: sitting up, crawling, birthday's! These are very special moments that you will treasure for a lifetime! These sessions are all about capturing the sweet milestones that happen in the first year of your baby's life! Grabbing their toes, giggling, putting anything and everything in their mouths, tummy time, sitting up, crawling, etc etc! My goal is to capture those precious details for you so that you have them for a lifetime! These sessions do not have to be exactly at the 3 Month, 6 Month, 9 Month, and 1 Year. They can be whenever you feel like you want to capture where your baby is.

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There are many photographers to choose from, but, like a wedding, newborn photos are a one shot deal. They are something you don’t want to take a chance on. You should hire only the best in Danbury, 77534 Brazoria County! A newborn photographer with galleries of beautiful photos, whose style you love, and who specializes in newborn photography.

“Robin and Julie are wonderful. They have a beautiful studio and great props. They provide the cutest outfits and really take thought into the detail. Thank you for such a great experience and stress free!” ~ Erika

These simple milestone sessions are perfect for documenting your Brazoria County little one’s milestones within the first year — like tummy time, smiles, giggles, toe grabbing, sitting and standing. We want to capture these fleeting moments so that you can cherish them long after they’re gone. These sessions are typically for babies between 3 and 12 months, however it is not necessary to schedule right at 3, 6, 9 or 12 months. We want you to schedule whenever you feel like you want to capture your babies progress. Every Danbury 77534 area babies are different and that is what makes all of them special.

Does your baby have something special that you’d like to incorporate? Let Blooming Baby Photography know so that we can accommodate you!

  • Milestone Session - Studio:
    $100 A minimum purchase of $240 is required.
  • Milestone Session - Outdoor:
    $150 A minimum purchase of $320 is required.
  • Sessions last around 45-60 minutes and include 1-2 clothing changes. This session is for babies sitting and up.
  • Families who live in Danbury, 77534 Brazoria County ask about our area specials.
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Milestones: When should you photograph your Brazoria County baby?
We will explain when it is the best time to photograph your new little addition given your baby’s milestones! We here at Blooming Baby Photography know you want to photograph your baby every moment. Although we truly believe that parents should have point and shoot cameras with them at all times, we believe that professional photos can be an amazing addition to remembering these amazing moments. Our artistic talented professional photographer's Robin Maxwell and Julie Tyree can completely capture your baby's amazing milestone moments and make them priceless.

The 3-4 Month Milestone Session
You’ve had a newborn session, now what? Your Danbury 77534 baby is changing by the day! We recommend the next time your child makes strides in their development is the best time to bring them back to Blooming Baby Photography. At 3 months, your baby is now smiling! Yep, they know who you are! Babies at this age will smile and interact a lot. This is something that they did not do as a newborn. Some babies will also be able to have some tummy time. When positioned on a pillow or our favorite photography prop a 3 to 4 month old will be able to place their head up and perhaps peak a smile just long enough for that quick capture! If you are finding that your baby is within this age group and is not yet ready for belly time, which is perfectly fine, wait, YES WAIT, until these shots are possible!

“Best in the business! I love Blooming Baby Photography, Robin and Julie are awesome (:”  Brooke ~ Houston, Katy

Blooming Baby Photography: Robin Maxwell and Julie Tyree
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Danbury, TX 77534
Brazoria County, TX

The Blooming Baby Photography Studio
Our photography studio is located in a small rustic town called Danbury which is 30 miles south of Pearland. Robin and Julie have clients who come from all over the south Texas area to have their newborns photographed in their beautiful studio. We provide photography services to all who live in the greater Danbury area and Brazoria County.

The 6 Month Milestone Session
About this age, there is another milestone, your baby will be grabbing for toys, laughing, and even sitting up! This is a great age and one of our favorites to photograph. Again, if your baby is not yet sitting up, wait a few weeks until that is possible. Please know that sitting up with a parents help and balancing does count! Make sure it is safe and an assistant or parent is near by to catch the lean! Danbury Brazoria County little ones may also enjoy some added clothing for this age. Blooming Baby Photography uses props and clothing to enhance our in studio photograph sessions.

9-12 months: What no photos here?
We assure you there is a reason, why there is no photography being captured at this time. Remember we want to count milestones right? Well, if we capture your baby at 6 months, and then at 9 months, not too much has changed. Maybe crawling, and if you want that captured great. If you want to wait, we tell our Danbury clients to wait until something is different. As much as your baby has changed since they were born, the older they are getting the more subtle the changes are. We here at Blooming Baby Photography don’t want to disappoint our Danbury Brazoria County clients with photos from two different sessions that their baby looks the same, and does the same things. We would much rather wait until your baby has reached the one year mark, which is a milestone for sure!

One Year & Beyond Milestone Sessions
Crawling, standing with help or even walking. Teeth! It’s all here by now. This is a milestone for sure! Never fear if your baby is not walking yet you will want to get their portraits done at one year! Some of our clients in Danbury 77534 will wait just a couple weeks after their birthday because they know for sure they may be walking. Again, it is up to you. Celebrating your baby’s first year is for both of you! You have been with your little one now for one year and you can’t imagine life any different. It is time to capture these fantastic moments in their/your life!

“Highly recommended.  Very professional and took the time with my baby to get perfect shots!”  ~ Amanda, I would recommend Blooming Baby Photography to all the expecting mothers in Danbury TX 77534

What About After My Baby Is One?
Blooming Baby Photography encourages you to stay connected with our photographers Robin Maxwell and Julie Tyree. Imagine the images, the collages, the montages capturing your baby from your maternity bump, to one year, and to beyond? Robin and Julie will be able to capture all of those milestones and create some amazing photos you will cherish forever. You will want to capture your toddler and child again at many milestones in their life. We encourage every 6 months after they are one. Once they are 3, time appears to slow down a bit and most of our Danbury 77534 clients intend to schedule photo sessions once a year, some still remain on the 6 month time frame. We offer incentives at different times of the year to encourage more priceless moments for our Brazoria County clients, we encourage our Danbury clients to take advantage of all those opportunities.

If you are looking for reliable and highly qualified Brazoria County photographers, look no further than Robin Maxwell and Julie Tyree, who specialize in maternity, baby and children’s photograph. They are both sought after in Danbury, 77534 for their ability to beautifully and safely pose and photograph newborn babies during their tiniest and most delicate stage of life. We can setup a session for you today please call Blooming Baby Photography at (979) 583-3233 or better yet, click the button below and book today!

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Every age is fun for different reasons, and it goes by way too fast!

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