Maternity Photography

Maternity Sessions Celebrate This Moment

A maternity session is designed to celebrate and document the precious new life growing within. This is one of our favorite sessions as it is a combination of glamour, beautiful belly and fine art. Our maternity sessions are done within our studio. 

Maternity sessions start at $100 with a $240 minimum order requirement. 

  • 2-3 outfit changes. 
  • Maternity sessions are best done around 32-36 weeks. Book early to ensure a spot on our calendar.
  • Mini Maternity sessions are also available for weekdays only.  Mini-maternity sessions include the session fee and 10 high resolution digital files on USB.
  • Maternity sessions can only be booked with a newborn session booking.
  • Inquire for complete details.

When is the best time in my pregnancy to schedule my maternity session?
32-36 weeks is perfect for most moms-to be. This is a time frame where your beautiful belly is of ample size yet you’re not as "puffy" and uncomfortable as you may be in your last 4 to 6 weeks. Though we have shot maternity sessions up close to delivery with beautiful results, feedback from expecting moms has encouraged us to advise clients to book towards the earlier side where mamas-to-be are feeling their best and are more comfortable.

How soon should I schedule my session?
It’s never too early to schedule your maternity session. We usually like book maternity sessions between 32-36 weeks pregnant.  If you’re needing a weekend appointment it is especially important to book early as my weekend availability is limited and these spots go fast.

Should I be concerned about stretch marks and the extra weight I’ve gained?
We understand that you may be concerned about stretch marks and feel a little bigger all over, so removing any blemishes, including stretch marks and slimming you down a little in areas where needed through flattering poses, camera angle and expert retouching skills are all complimentary as part of your session. Just let us know what your concern is and we’ll take care of it for you.

What should I wear for my maternity session?
We suggest you wear what is comfortable for you. We are always here to help if you need guidance on what to wear. 

Bare belly or not?
This is totally a personal preference. Some women don’t feel comfortable showing off a bare belly and that’s totally okay! If you do want to do a few shots of your bare belly, make sure you plan your outfits accordingly. Be careful of wearing things that will leave elastic marks on your belly before the shoot.


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